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KB19 : Do More of What Makes You Happy!
Description : I confess the idea of using मोर is not mine. This idea was used on a T-Shirt that was made for ‘Monsoon Fiesta – 2003/20004’* at NID. But, surprisingly this design stayed with me these many years. All due credits to that brilliant design. I have just adapted that idea for my KB.This KB is dedicated in admiration to those brutal poster wars at NID during ‘Monsoon Fiesta’ that thought me in many little ways about the spirit of Design.
KB20: Kuch Bhi Fear?
Description : Till recently I had not known that the fear of Friday the 13th had a name to it. It is called ‘paraskevidekatriaphobia’ or also ‘friggatriskaidekaphobia’. It was actually this weird name that inspired me to do this KB. There are some interesting things to read about this Kuch Bhi? fear on the Internet. Enjoy the day!
KB21: Easter Eggs
Description: Happy Easter !
KB22: Tango !
Description: ‘Tango’ is a concept of a gold bracelet. As the suggests the design is loosely inspired by the popular dance form ‘Tango dance’, where the partners dance in close embrace, moving in passionate and rhythmic circles: hence the name ‘Tango’!
KB23: Ahoy! Black Flag on the Horizon!
Description : There comes a time in most men's lives where they feel the need to raise the Black Flag (pun intended). 
KB24 : Captain Kuch Bhi
Descriptiopn : Highly Creative and Always Armed with Witty Words
KB25 : उल्लू ( Owl, T- Shirt Design)
Description : The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you have come. – Anonymous
KB26: It’s time to make a change
Description: There were many things that inspired me to create this KB one of which is this song ‘Father & Son’ by Cat Stevens, which is timeless; The song is a conversation between the Father & the Son and beautifully sung by Cat Stevens. A lovely melodious composition.
Hear it again, its here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-DsYmxznWA
KB27: ‘Kuch Bhi’ iPhone 6 mobile case
Description: The illustrations in these 4 quadrants are just design concepts, created for fun. The material could either be PC (Polycarbonate) + Print / Dual Colour TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Please do rate your order of preference. 
KB28 : Kuch Bhi Mango
Description : Relish the bright sunny days of your life, for each day is a blessing.
KB29: Kuch Bhi Adventures – Going Places, Chapter 01
Description: ‘Kuch Bhi’ is definitely adventurous; ‘Going Places’ is a short story (fictional yet adapted from real incident) of how 3 over grown men chase down the auto in the busy streets of Hyderabad, in pursuit of ‘Kuch Bhi’.
KB30: Birds Need You This Summer
Description: My Friend shared an SMS, anticipating that I would help birds this summer and was trusting that I would share this message across, to everyone on my contact list. I usually ignore viral messages, but this particular request is something that we all can appeal to each other. Please do place water pots for thirsty birds in Terraces, Compound wall & Balconies. 
Description: 'Kuch Bhi' symbol/logo/mnemonic is formed with the help of 16 quadrants. QUADRANT is a centre table designed with 16 quadrants. 12 quadrants are most obvious, but where are the remaining 4 quadrants ?
Description : stretching Quadrants a little further.
KB33 : Just 'Kuch Bhi'
Description : no fundey, no gyan just Kuch Bhi
KB34 : 'Kuch Bhi' in Mind? (Short Animation)
Description : This short movie is a comical interpretation of Neil's tenacity at keeping this movement alive for 10 long years.
KB35 : 'Kuch Bee' Tee ( # Black Colour in Velvet Printing )
Description : "She is busy collecting honey for you, so let her be. If you annoy her she'll sting you for free
Kuch Bhi 02

Kuch Bhi 02

Kuch Bh1 02 is in continuation to the project 'Kuch Bhi'.
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