Lost In Migration is a fine data research about environmental and social issues linked to migration phenomena.
This work is one of the final outputs of the course of Data Visualization lead by Density Design Department at Politecnico di Milano. The purpose of this series of booklets is to explain how the phenomenon of environmental migration is victim of a major controversy because people who are forced to move are not recognized by any international law. Not posing as official refugees, but having a strong need of what this status entails, migrants are left alone, while the international community is wondering about what must be done.
By using google.com, google.com/imghp, scholar.google.com and scopus.com the academic universe and the public opinion were investigated. Their positions are divided differently between those who are in favor of granting the status of refugee (Maximalists) and those who do not intend to take action (Minimalists).
To learn more about the result of this research see the full version of Lost In Migration 
This research was used as a basis for an interactive project called 50.000.001 An Environmental Odyssey.
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