Hotel for Millennials
This project is the final deliverable of my previous uploaded project below:
Preliminary Goals & Objectives
Designing a hotel that answers the most recent wants and needs of the millennial generation 
Creating a new lifestyle that never exist before in hospitality design
Attracting the millennial generation by finding out the “magnetism” of Miami towards the millennials.
Creating a unique experience in hospitality design by not following the “crowd” of typical hospitality design
Redefining the term hospitality for 21st century traveller 
The site is located in Miami, FL. The building is right in front of the South Beach, with Art Deco historical building on the north side (Urban Area). The overall square footage is 106,815 sq. ft, with 6 stories on the left tower, and 8 stories on the right tower.
Perspective Sketch 1 - Bar View
Perspective Sketch 2 - Bar View
Final Rendering - Bar View
Penthouse Guestroom
Recessed TV into credenza
Daybed inspired bed design
Side Lamps is attached to the wall, allowing them to read using reading lamp underneath it.
The concept of the living space was inspired by the perspective of millennials on diversity. The use of vibrant color throughout the space represents the “celebration of diversity”, 

The use of murphy beds throughout the space brings a different and unique experience to their hotel stay. This suite can 
accomodate up to 9 people, allowing budget flexibility for people who are visiting Miami together as a big group.
This living space is very diversed, in its furniture arrangement, as well as the furniture design itself individually. The idea of speaking up and standing for yourself can be seen through the use of different furniture style. 
Some of the furniture style are futuristic, some of them are classical, some of them are modernistic. This idea can also be seen through the use of vibrant color on every free standing furniture. The space itself is very calm, to let every free standing furniture be the emphasis.
Penthouse Suite Living Area
*All works © Kevin Elika 2013. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kevin Elika.
*All design and renderings by Kevin Elika
Hotel for Millennials

Hotel for Millennials

This is my final project / capstone project in Savannah College of Art and Design, to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design majo Read More