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    This is my design for the book series "Humanities," published by TYPIS Humanities - Publishing House.
Making & Breaking the Humanities
Design for academia does not have to be boring
TYPIS Humanities - Publishing House set me to the task of presenting a high quality design for their book series "Humanities." As Greek academic publishers usually do, TYPIS wanted to have a stable layout from one volume to the other, an intense color that attracts the eye and strong typographic hierarchy.

What you see took a whole month for me to finish, but my client was satisfied in the end, since the design was clean, simple and gave a lot of emphasis on typography. The hardest part was the debate on what layout we should chose.

Books in Greece are generally not well designed, because many publishers are not willing to dedicate enough time to achieve the best possible result. I think projects like this one prove that such an effort is a if one is to get a satisfying result.