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    2011 represents the most important year (at the moment I hope) in my career as a photographer. I had the possibility to travel a lot and to make … Read More
    2011 represents the most important year (at the moment I hope) in my career as a photographer. I had the possibility to travel a lot and to make a good amount of personal and payed projects and to learn a lot in several workshops and courses in Spain and abroad. Read Less
My 2011
A selection of my photography works
2011 represents the most important year (so far, I hope) in my career as a photographer. I had the possibility to travel a lot and to make a good amount of personal and assigned projects and to learn a lot in different workshops and courses I attended in Spain and abroad. 

2011 is also the year when our project PUNTO14 (www.punto14.net) finally got shape.

So... this has been my 2011! Hope you enjoy it...
Nothing better than starting a new year in a Thailandese island.. don't you think?...

... and then visiting the amazing area of Sankhlaburi with his beatiful lake.
In Sankhlaburi we (Daniele, my partner at Punto 14, and I) met the CHILDREN OF THE FOREST and spent some days trying to tell in photos and video their tragic but hopeful stories.

More information about the project -> http://www.punto14.net/blog/portfolio/detail/children-of-the-forest/
I continued my travel around South East Asia visiting Laos...
and Vietnam.
Back in Cambodia (which I had left 2 months before), I tried to tell the story of the BOEUNG KAK LAKE and what was happening to the people who lived there.

More information about the Boeung Kak Lake -> http://www.punto14.net/blog/portfolio/detail/boeung-kak-lake/
At the end of February we left Phnom Penh and visited the province of Mondulkiri (in November 2010 we had visited the provinces of Kratie and Stung Treng), so as to finish our assignment for the spanish NGO Paz y Desarrollo. 

We had the chance to follow the lives of 5 Cambodian women (and their families) in three of the most remote regions of the country, in order to report their daily routines from dawn till dusk.A photographic journey through the rural Cambodia, still deeply linked to the past (especially due to the rough times they went through during Pol Pot’s regime), but also affected by the impact of progress and globalization.

As a result, our photographic work brings out certain current realities, such as the sacrifices a woman has to make in order to become a politician, their precarious school system, the fact that indigenous people are losing their traditions, or forced marriages.
While visiting Mondulkiri, we had the opportunity to meet a few indigenous families in the small village of Pou Pring. And I couldn't keep from telling their tragic story.

More information -> http://www.punto14.net/blog/portfolio/detail/burned/ 
At the beginning of March we left Cambodia and came back to The Philippines in order to finish our assignment for the spanish NGO Paz y Desarrollo, I'M CHANGING

We visited three different barangays (villages) in Mindanao, the second largest island of the country, which is located in the South. During the time we stayed there, we had the chance to spend a few days with five different families, getting to live the way locals do and understanding the problems they have to struggle with daily, especially the ones that occur as a consequence of climate change, as most of these people make their living out of farming or fishing.

More information -> www.imchanging.org
In March I came back to Europe. A lot of people all around Spain was really indignada (outraged) and a new movement, 15M, was emerging.
In April I flew to Tampere (Finland) to start a new personal project (yet to be finished) called CHASING THE DREAM.

A project about people who are chasing their dream and the sacrifices they're willing to make to turn it into reality.
This is Luca, an italian rocker who lives in Tampere, Finland.

Discover his story here -> 
This is Silvia, an artist more than just a dress maker from Madrid.
And this is Pepe, also from Madrid, one of the best spanish illustrator who works for Marvel Comics.
In april I also had the opportunity to spend some days in MOROCCO with my girlfriend...

More photos from this set -> http://www.behance.net/gallery/Morocco-2008-2011/2244216
In August I visited the beautiful region of Galicia (in the North of Spain), preparing a new project in the small village of Laxe.
In october I spent a few days with the students of the SCHOOL OF CIRCUS of BARCELONA.

More photos here -> http://www.behance.net/gallery/Circ/2336216
25 OCTOBER 2011 - The "indignados" (outraged) movement had spread all over the wold. I was in Barcelona that day!
"If you have a gun you can rob a bank, but if you have a bank you can rob the whole world"
In November I followed the unconventional political campaign of a party called POR UN MUNDO MÁS JUSTO (“Towards a fairer world”). Unrelated to the 15M, or Indignados Movement, this party was founded 8 years ago by people involved in International Cooperation with the aim of obtaining political representation so as to be able to have the opportunity to build a fairer economic and social model.

More about this serie -> http://www.jeriko1kenobi.net/public/web2011/?portfolio=por-un-mundo-mas-justo
And finally, in December, I carried out my last project in Laxe, Galicia (North of Spain)... soon online! :D