What i see            digital illustration
 I woke up. I looked at a photo, and started to imagine.This set of digital illustrations, is the conjunction between my photographic world and my imagination.
  Human glass place: Torino (Italy)  
  Invisible Human place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Invisible People place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Invisible Memoriesplace: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Need to imagine place: Torino (Italy)  
  Need to imagineplace: Pompei (Italy)  
  Need to breathe place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Fallen place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Chemtrails have made me a monster place: Torino (Italy)  
  Watching you place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  Sunset  place: Wrocław (Poland)  
  New way place: Pompei (Italy)  
  Parallel worldsplace: Wrocław (Poland)  
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