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    Hotel designed by IA+B arkitektura taldea with interior design in collaboration with GAC arquitectes
Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
The four star hotel building is located at the end of a block with a rectangular section along Bilbao’s riverfront, in a residential area. A clear objective was defined by the owners: the façade had to have the presence and lure that corresponds to a hotel and, in turn, fit into its urban surroundings. With this premise, harmonious façades were considered in proportions and spaces characterised by colour or more specifically by the colour of the glass used in them. Subtly and specifically incorporated on the side and rear façades, it is on the main façade, overlooking the river and the Campo Volantín esplanade, where colour has been used with greater intensity.

The idea comes from the desire to make the façade unique, using the idea of a lookout in a different way, as boxes, in such a way that this composition enriches the Campo Volantín by introducing colour as an element to reinforce this singularity. The colours chosen are based on 36 lookout units, organized in rows of 6x6, which make up the main façade, so 6 colours are used, the primary colours; red, yellow and blue and three of their complementary colours; green, violet and orange.