Festival da Ponte | Km2 Iniciative

​​​​​​​We were asked to make the identity of a Festival, called "Festival da Ponte" (Bridge Festival) for an association, "Our Km2".
The festival intent was to unite a neighborhood that has a lot of problems and many cultural and social differences inside it, which sometimes leads to serious conflicts. The festival was named this way because there's a bridge in the neighborhood that is also one of the factors that divide the people.

Our approach to the development of the project was focused on the connection between people, using keywords such as: interconnection, union, meeting, strengthen, approach and confidence. The colors are bright and cheerful, in order to highlight the festive experiences.
The design was used on posters, lineup with map, invitations, t-shirts, credentials, pin's, and postcards.


May 2015

Identity | Bridge Festival