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Penari Hopstarter I.P.A.

Penari Hopstarter
Time for a fresh project that’s probably a bit different from what you normally would expect from me. People close to me know that I am a bit of a beer geek so when my brother announced that he was going to give home brewing a shot, I was eager to help them out with some budget friendly branding. 
A hopstarter's budget
The identity itself was designed with one thing in mind: A tight starter budget. A dymo labelwriter takes care of the printing while a Tria marker adds a spark of colour and underlines the hoppy character of the beer. The custom designed hopbell stamp finishes off the final product nicely. Cheers! Or as we Dutch say: Proost!
Step 1.
A Dymo label writer takes care of printing the standard sized labels.
Step 2.
A green marker adds a personalised touch of colour and underlines the hoppy character.
Step 3.
Attaching the label to a freshly brewed hopstarter.
Step 4.
A custom stamp acts as a seal of approval.

All there is left to do know is pop it in the fridge and ofcourse drink it! Proost!
About the name
We came up with the name 'Penari', a take on an old Dutch word for perplexity, often used in humorous context. It also nicely shuffles the two letters of my brother's first name and his brewing mate's surname. Hopstarter seemed like a logical choice for naming their first beer; a hoppy American I.P.A. It also pays homage to the kickstarted mopeds of yesteryear, something I couldn't resist featuring in a commemorative illustration!
Penari Hopstarter I.P.A.

Penari Hopstarter I.P.A.

A budget friendly identity for the Penari Bier home brewery.