Demon Hunter
a world of warcraft class development
This has been an ongoing project for me: I know the likelihood of it ever being included in a World of Warcraft expansion is slim, but if nothing else it helps me to practice creating an aspect of a video game.

I have included weapon specialties, mounts, quest chains, connection with the lore, and every detail that this class would need to be a plausible installment to the World of Warcraft series, however I still continue to work on the project.

Below are just my drawings and sketches, not the specifics for the class' development, such as quests, story and class restrictions, as that would include far too much text and jumbled notes.
One of the Demon Hunter tier sets. The green symbols on the legs glow, like the markings on Illidan's skin.
The scanned version of the colored image above. This version shows the male version, with a completely covered chest, and the altered leggings for a male character, built more like a hamaka, and are pants rather than a skirt. This also shows the back of the outfit, as well as the shoulder piece, which was turned away on the color image.

This also details the individual pieces of the set. The belt includes the chains, as well as the large gem. The pants include the skirt and drapes. Wrists are not visible, and the glove is the entire set on the arm, up to the shoulder.
Notes detailed by drawings; the importance of a demon hunter's blinded eyes and tattoos, as well as development for a flying mount.

Since creating this, tattoos have been removed from playable Demon Hunters. However, the blind eyes remain, and will be unlocked as a reward to the 2nd to final quest chain. Eyes will be milky and pale, and possibly scared.

Blindfolds are occasional quest rewards you can pick up from a trainer at specific levels, as other classes get weapons from their trainers after completing long quest chains. Originally the blindfold was going to be mandatory to all Demon Hunters, and could not be removed. Now, however, there will be different blindfolds available, some with varying appearances, though Demon Hunters can chose to wear other helmets if desired.

The flying mount will look like the Nether Drake from Warcraft III, however the name will have to be changed, as Nether Drakes exist in World of Warcraft already, with a different appearance. Ground mounts were initially going to be a type of animalistic demon, already existing in World of Warcraft, though may end up being an original design.
Development of the "Traitor," a temporary title until he is named. Demon hunters are warned not too become too power hungry, as the goal of the new class is to become accepted by both Alliance and Horde, The "Traitor" is a demon hunter who followed the path of Illidan, not believing that his methods of destroying demons should be ignored, and thus becoming a threat to the redeemed name of demon hunter. He has horns and claws, unlike the playable demon hunters, due to his consumed power. After being graduated from trainee to full demon hunter, the "Traitor" threatens the demon hunters, and the last quest players receive before being sent into the World of Warcraft (end chain) is to kill/capture him.
Second concept of the "Traitor", now named Vareel. He has been changed from a Night Elf to a Blood Elf. He is half transformed into his demon state. Because the transformation is recent, and done by himself rather than a higher demon, he is vulnerable. He protects his face from light and the elements with his hood, both to shield his horns and his eyes. Both his feet are clawed, but only his right arm. Because of this he has to keep them bandaged until they heal, and can only wield a weapon on his left hand. His feet are clawed, rather than hooved, like Illidan's.
Concept for a lower level Demon Hunter gear set. Because it is against Demon Hunter law to obtain Illidan's tattoos, because of the restricted demon agreement, the powers of the tattoos are burned into the shirt. The marks glow and smoke as if on fire, similar to Illidan's footprints. There are no shoes for the set, and instead are bandages wrapped around the feet to protect the soles. The right arm is also wrapped in nothing but bandages.