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    My posters.
Visual communications

In the following there are my posters created during my education in British Higher School Of Art & Design.
Four G made of pasta.
The task was to make a poster dedicated to some book and at the same time connected to some event or place.
I chose Alice in Wonderland and a casino.
Text says "Follow the white rabbit".
The same task, but in this case I chose circus.
Then I set up the name of the book with the author and a part of the text and placed them in order it can be flipped over and read.
The poster with typographics made by my groupmates.
The poster for the font Hunt that was made by myself and my groupmates.
The poster for movie Omen, 1976 was inspired by design of Josef Muller-Brockmann.
The poster for movie Run, Lola, Run, 1998 was inspired by art of Leonetto Capiello.
This is a quote of Oscar Wilde.
These POS materials was  made for 5th International Staring Contest Championship.
Ink and knives.
This means "I am a Gift".