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    Creative resume targeted to the young peppy recruiting team at Wedding Kafe, Bangalore.
The challenge was to come up with a resume that would showcase a package of innovative writing and design with creative concepts at first glance. The resume was targeted to the enthusiastic young team of Wedding Kafe, a wedding event services company based in Bangalore. The company has a vast scope of covering wedding event planning, candid wedding photography and cinematography, wedding and event stationery design and other event related innovations. 
Traditionally, the Indian society follows the arranged marriage system in which potential brides and grooms are chosen on Horoscopes apart from religion and caste considerations. Numerology and the positions of stars at birth of the bride and groom are the orthodox and general criteria used to predict the success of a marriage, despite the fact that the traditional marriage system lacks any official legal recognition or support. With the rapidly growing urban culture, however, the system is seeing changes from what arranged marriages were in the Indian subcontinent from the Vedic era to the classical Hinduism period (the ca. 500 BCE period) and later.
The resume is an informal humorous take on the system existing between the orthodox and the modern, that resonates with all the team members due to similarities in the life cycle phase or age, and that the Horoscope is something that is regularly discussed in these circles. It presented creative conceptualization ability with a touch of casual humor in my descriptions within the resume that was sure to be memorable with the team concerned.