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Nefarious Omens/ Happy Wishes
Nefarious Omens / Happy Wishes
Christmas wishes 2011
I hate all the cute and sweet xmas wish cards i see all the years, so i wanted to make one by myself.
And since i love to make unusual things, best if they piss people off, i decided to make christmas wishes using the imaginary of something blasphemous and evil: satanism and black metal culture.
But since i'm no mean or evil guy, the real challenge was to actually make wishes with it.
So i thought of evil/good relation and remembered that very often a feature of evil was to be an overturned version of something good. (like the cross, or all the songs that are said to be satanic if listened backwards). 
So the purpose was to joke about this and make instead 
something evil that turns good when overturned.
So i could make fun of christmas and satanism at the same time, doing something cool and unusual but keeping the will to make wishes (and make ambigrams).
Hail Santa!
This is what you'll see at first
 Ta-Dan! You turn the card and you get the wishes!
The menacing goat turning into a harmless angel 
The ambigram. Love makin this.
Nefarious Omens/ Happy Wishes