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    Project design, planning permission, construction, procurement, project for engineering systems for a flat on Latyshskih Strelkov str. in St. Pet… Read More
    Project design, planning permission, construction, procurement, project for engineering systems for a flat on Latyshskih Strelkov str. in St. Petersburg from ART Studio Design & Construction Read Less
St. Petersburg, Russia
Project: Provence
Location: Latyshskih Strelkov street, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Realization: 2011
Often a hobby andprofession of the owners of an apartment or a house influences the choice ofthe interior style. The project design 'Provence' for an apartment in St.Petersburg was just such a case.

The head of the family is asea captain of long distant voyages; his wife and daughter are true lovers ofEuropean travel. They wanted to see a blend of two styles in their flat - thatof classical elegance and of warm and cozy provincial France. The Provincialstyle is usually created in the interiors of private houses or cottages. It isquite a challenge to recreate the atmosphere of this style in a smallapartment.

French Provence

Upon entering this flat youfeel yourself a guest in a French Mediterranian villa. It would seem that youhave only to open a window to feel the sea breeze on your face. The soft beigepalette, the milky shades, and the Sun-faded finish of the furniture, the richcolours of sea waves and azure create a sense of being by the sea shore. Thewarm palette of the seaside meld the entire apartment, there being no brightcontrasts, one space smoothly overflowing into another.
This simple in outwardappearance interior is the result of a long term effort by our designers and alaborious choosing of materials. The bleached plank flooring and ceramiccarpets from Cir Via Emilia replicate the style of a provincial French villa.

Classical Touches

The classical theme of thisapartment is reflected in the massive sturdy furniture, the pattern of the wallpaper, the carved mouldings and elegant chandeliers.
In this flat all the piecesof furniture are custom made. There is a reason for such a decision. Due tothis solution there was no place left for surrealism, each item of furniture isunique of its kind, having its own character. The bookcases and cabinets withclassical white wash gables and back walls made of ordinary boards are idealfor the living room. The classical style is also suitable for the kitchen. Thesimple shapes of the kitchen furniture make one feel warm and at home atwhatever season of the year.
The textiles make the finaltouch, cushions of a vivid colour on the striped sofa, Roman blinds in thekitchen with a sea motif, and the sandy bedspread in the bedroom.
We always try to createlight and simple interiors even if they include classical elements. Also theProvence style can be reserved and harmonious. The matter of greateastimportance to us was to retain one consistent and complete style, to staywithin its limits, and moderate the details of the interior. We are sure wesucceeded.