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Typographic Revolt - HypeForType Typefaces
Typographic Revolt
Typographic Series by HypeForType.com - Edition 1
Rise, sons of Gutenburg.

Following great exposure with A Grotesk Love Affair, HypeForType approached us to work on a new project -They wanted to produce a 16 page Tribute to their Exclusive Faces range of fonts.

Instead of following the traditional convention of a read through booklet, we decided to go down a more conceptual route. The end result was a quick read through A3 magazine which also doubled up as a set of 8 typographic posters. Each page folds out to create an A2 double sided poster perfect for your studio or home wall space.

In this Direct Mailer , we instigated a typographic revolt, a rallying cry to all Type and their users to take up arms against the tyranny of mediocrity that assails our eyeballs and spits in the faces of good designers all over the world.

Both copy and design have been carefully crafted with the conceptual theme based around Typographic Revolt. If you would like to purchase a copy of this you can, by clicking here.
The Copy

Let Slip the Type of War
All type are created equal. But some are created more equal than others. HypeForType has a cache of exclusive typefaces that have not so much been designed as forged in the cavernous depths of hell. Our typographical brethren stand ready for inspection, and breathlessly await liberation.
Get them. Wield them.And let the streets run red with ink.
To arms, my brothers. To arms.

Viva La Revolucion
My fellow type. Twenty seven score and twelve years ago, a great man-in whose symbolic shadow we stand today-designed the first press with movable type. This momentous day in history serves as a beacon of light and hope to thousands of Types who have since been subjected to the withering injustices brought on by poor design. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Not all Type are created equal.

Five hundred and fifty two years after Gutenberg, Type is still not free. Five hundred and fifty two years later, our fellow Types’ liberties are being crippled by the manacles of bad taste and the chains of inadequate typographical understanding.
And so, my fellow Type, I look to you. For centuries, we have sought typographic
al enlightenment. But if we are to ever have a revelation, it must first be preceded by a revolution. And if we are to have a revolution, we must first bring about a Typographic Revolt.

This is our Red Letter Day.

For too long, we have worshipped at the feet of Types like Helvetica while spitting in the face of Types like Comic Sans. We have forgotten that each of us, from the very elegant to the very tawdry, have their respective roles to play on the aesthetic battlefield.

A Type divided unto itself cannot stand.
We have as many enemies as there are bored housewives with pirated copies of Illustrator. An overwhelming multitude of artistically challenged cretins so obsessed with using the right type wrong that they have forgotten to use the wrong type right.

To them I say this: Your days are numbered. We have a bullet point with your name on it. And soon, you shall eat leading and die.

Today, ask not what typography can do for you, but what you can do for typography.
Be strong. Be brave. Be bold.

When we allow good design to prevail, it sings from every page and every poster, from every book and every brochure. All of Gutenberg's children, upper case and lower case, serifs and sans, look up to the sky and scream:

Screw democracy. Long live Typocracy.
The Copy

Red Letter Day
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmodtempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua….


How quick we are to recite these archaic incantations. How eagerly we line up to repeat this inane Latin drivel.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog? Who amongst us have shown the depth of character necessary to dare query the nature of this agile quadruped? Or enquired as to what it is that so motivates this reynard or vixen to wantonly leap over comatose canines?

How many times must we repeat these hollow words? How many times must we partake in this undignified charade - obseqiously standing in line as the dull, vacuous eyes of the criminally inept scrutinize our curves, our slants, our serifs?
For far too long, we have stood idly by as dictatorial mouse pointers have poked, prodded and otherwise perverted us in ways that are as unimaginative as they are tasteless.

For far too long, forces beyond our control have seized control of our destiny, tweaking, kerning and spacing us into embarrassing displays of creative ineptitude.This humiliation ends today.

Today I ask: Are ye type or are ye slave? You already know that every word counts. But can a single letter make a difference? A lone character can turn a day of laughter into a day of slaughter. Turn meat into a meal. The letter X can transform mere “Men” into heroes. Or change a simple man named Malcolm into the voice of a generation.
The list goes on. And so must we. Individually, we are but letters. But together, we are words. Words are ideas. And ideas can change the world.
When does type become more than just type? When we abandon a life of servitude and stand up for something bigger than ourselves. When our honour compels us to rise from the gutters, from the bleeds, from the cavernous depths of our subjugation and stand against the tyranny of typographical twaddle.

When we both dig in our heels and deeply within ourselves and find the courage to retake our destiny by force.
Today, I ask you to fight. 

Let the columns on this page be not a necessity of design, but a formation of war. Kern yourself so that you may stand closer to your fellow type. Stand shoulder to shoulder. Serif to serif.

Today, I ask you to shed the shackles of typographical tyranny. And rise.
Rise, sons of Gutenberg! Of Miedinger! My brothers. Both the serifs and the sans. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of type fails, when we forsake our grids and break the rules of design. But it is not this day. This day we fight!
Our red letter day is at hand.
Typographic Revolt - HypeForType Typefaces

Typographic Revolt - HypeForType Typefaces

Greetings, Comrades. Good design and proper use of Type are under attack. In this Direct Mailer for Type foundry HypeForType.com, we instigat Read More