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Michael Peres is a serial-entrepreneur, journalist, radio host and software engineer best known for founding various tech and media startups, providing exclusive PR services to prominent artists and public figures and pioneering the Breaking 9 To 5 work model. Peres resides in Seattle, Washington and is currently Editor In Chief at Peres Daily, Breaking 9 To 5 and Israel Now News.

Peres was diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities when he was young. Over the years, he’s managed to develop his own unorthodox methods of functioning, which have inspired his current lifestyle. Furthermore, it inspires an entire movement which helps other people take control of their own futures and do the same.

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Peres Public Relations: www.perespr.com
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Michael Peres: Summarized Web Portfolio

Michael Peres: Summarized Web Portfolio

Michael Peres' Summarized Web Design Portoflio | Santa Monica | michael@mike-ro-tech.com