Educators' Conference Folder & Invitation
Colegio Cristo Salvador–Franciscanos Capuchinos
This is a set of two pieces created for a November 2011 educator's conference hosted by Colegio Cristo Salvador, a private school in Lima, Peru.  Included in the set is a design for a letter-sized folder (total size, before being folded is 18" x 16"), as well as a 9" x 7.5" bi-fold invitation.  The invitation was created in a portrait orientation, which was necessary in order to achieve a 4.5" x 7.5" folded size.  
The headline provided by the client states "Peru: Toward the Bicentennial,"which brought forth the concept of using a visual element that represents the historical culture of Peru.  The elements that were used to build the overall concept were two iconic images from Peru's indigenous civilizations.  The design is fresh, playful, and has a youthful appearance, which appeals to the target audience: students in the final two years of education.  The "Peru" logo is the current official brand of the country - it is available in either red or white (paralleling the colors of the national flag).  For this use, the white on a red background version was chosen.  A light blue color was picked to complement the white and red scheme.  The elements were laid out with a mix of curves and squares to create a dynamic, contrasting look.  The "wavy" and swirled line element mimics the mountains and recalls the Peru logo itself.  The final result was a design that is appealing, fresh, and striking in appearance.
Folder design (print layout) - total size 18" x 16"
Folder design (inside flaps)
Invitation design, exterior (print layout) - total size 9" x 7.5"
Invitation design, exterior (front) - 4.5" x 7.5"
Invitation design, interior (print layout) - total size 9" x 7.5"