ULTRADROME - art to TV series based on H.P.Lovecraft
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    Concept art to TV series based on H.P.Lovecraft
ULTRADROME is a thirteen episode 25-40 minute semi-serialized horror anthology. The unique combination of self-contained storylines existing as part of a larger overarching mythology bridges established serialized horror programming (American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove) and traditional horror anthologies (Black Mirror, Twilight Zone.) Bound by this distinct paradigm, the episodes themselves become “characters” within the series, enabling the audience to experience the series on two different levels.
Episodes within the ULTRADROME canon take place across the world and span the course of 1250 years. The “period based” episodes have been crafted to be highly scalable and budget friendly. The large timescale in which the events play out provide enhanced variety and production value for viewers; it also has the added effect of playing to a wider audience.
Each episode features an entirely new cast, new location and a new plot. Each isolated episode contains hints and clues to what the series is working towards as a whole. As the enigma surrounding these disturbances unfolds, it becomes evident that a strange dagger, a peculiar white alloy and shadowy fish-people play a part in the growing intrigue. Whatever forces responsible for these strange disturbances are closing in on their ultimate goal: they want more.
Sothern Rhodesia, 1922
Phoenix, 1973
Groovy Kuulostaa
Lewisville, 1969.
California City
Los Angeles, 1961
Kakadu Australia, 2016
Intelligent Life
San Francisco, 2015
Long Pig
New Orleans, 1996
Sunland, 1982
Minnesota Wilderness, 2004
Red Cloud
Wyoming, 1868
The Arctic Circle, 1993
Argentina, 1970