Kodak Easyshare Sport - Internship
During my internship with Kodak, I worked with ID (external consultants and internal staff), UX, HF teams, as well as marketing, engineers, and overseas manufacturers to develop several cameras. The following is the now released Easyshare Sport. It is a compact waterproof camera that required a low cost but high tolerance design. It needed to function under wet conditions while appearing rugged and waterproof.
We started with a wide range of concepts, exploring a rubber ring that would act as a seal and visually imply waterproofing. We also played with bulbous forms and use of rubber to signal ruggedness.
We came up with several concepts. I had the opportunity to create one on my own to use for business research. It was rated well and some elements carried into the final design.
I also explored different lens treatments, inspired by watches, to add some visual interest.
The physical UI was a large part of the design process. We needed to retain Kodak's Share button brand while creating a waterproof interaction.
We went through many stages of refinement, working with marketing to achieve the best solution.
Many prototypes helped guide our CMF decisions.
Kodak EasyShare Sport. Durable, portable, affordable. Red dot winner.
Designed in collaboration with Simon Yan (Blue Map Design) & Bruce Leonard (Kodak).