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    This is a small experimental illustration series about summer, influenced by Alexia's song "Summer is crazy".
During the spring 2015, I made this small series of experimental illustrations about summer. And not just any summer, but a crazy one. The series is highly influenced by Alexia.

Play this in the background and scroll through the images.
Soon it's summer again.
We'll ride bikes, collect multiple highly contagious diseases, have a gorgeous haircut and throw hamburger meals to the air.
Soon it’s summer again.
We’ll cruise around the city with our convertible, mix cocktails, wear our favourite occultist outfit and get distracted by good looking boys.
Soon it's summer again.
We'll ride scooters, steal ourselves a human body, shoot around with AK-47s and feel the lovely summer breeze in our armpits.
Soon it’s summer again.
We’ll lift weights while roller skating backwards, cut nipple holes to our tank tops and use steroids until we look like 80-year-old men.
Soon it's summer again.
We'll get totally bashed, steal a toy jeep and drive so fast even the ice cream can't hold on to its cone.