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Workout Book – workout tracking app concept

App Design
Check your status and previous workout stats at a glance.
No additional taps, right from the home screen.
Start New Workout
Once you've checked your previous workout sets and weights
easily start a new workout.
Exercise Screen
Right after set is done you have a few minutes to rest.
Track your set in the app with just a few taps.
Workout Plans
Choose workout plan or create your own and set it as you like. Name it, choose week day for specific workout, manage exercises, sets and weights.
Workouts History
All your workouts gathered in one place. Each workout has its
own color tag, so it's really easy to look over them.
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Workout Book – workout tracking app concept

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Workout Book – workout tracking app concept

I workout sometimes, so I’d love to have an easy to use app that could track my activities. However, I can’t find it. For long time I used paper Read More