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    Selected typography and print work.
Brand Identity Pitch Work
Some posters I created for a brand identity during a pitch. Client logos blurred out since it never ran, but this design work definitely helped us along the way to nail what they were after.
Poster Work
Took a portrait of my friend Felix and his trusted dog Pochi that was a semifinalist at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards and won a MAS Top Dog Paw. He has it framed in his house, no joke, much like the mockup below. Also created a poster while at DDB California for a competition we had that asked what does the agency mean to you. Shoot for the stars, no?
E.R.N.E.S.T.O Logo
Been doing freelance work over the years for one of my buddies, and when he needed a new logo for his DJ artist name, he knew I could help out. Check out his soundcloud here.
Read Between The “Lines”
Cut through the clutter and get to the stuff that matters the most in this series of print ads for BMW’s M performance division.
Iceland, meet Spain
Created my own version of a modern gothic typeface inspired by both of my families’ extended last names (Bjørnson from Iceland and Chacín from Spain), and based off of a popular sans-serif of recent times. Click here to download BCGSC.OTF