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    A book cover and launch posters for Toko Design.
Toko Design
Decorative Typography
Toko design is planning on launching a new self commissioned book entitled “confused type”, to showcase a range of typography that have deliberately challenged the notion of simplicity and legibility. Produce a book cover, double page spreads and a launch poster to convey the purpose of the book well. Another word can be used for the title, as long as it more or less conveys the same meaning.

I have chosen the word “Discombobulate” as the title of the book. It means to “throw in a state of confusion”. The word 'discombobulate' has been built out of different objects, and then drawn.
Pen illustration
Launch Poster
Launch poster
Book cover
Book cover front and back, flat.
Double page spread. Because the book is about all kinds of decorative type, this is an example of how one of the chapters in the book would look like. I chose the typeface 'Paulus Frank Initialen' , wrote a paragraph about it, and used the letters as decorative patterns.