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Chocolate for the eyes: The interior design of a Swiss eyeglass shop puts focus at eye level
When the space concept and interior design of the Swiss eyeglass specialist Bärtschi was developed, much emphasis was put on spatial clarity and a well structured presentation, enabling Bärtschi’s customers to anticipate the layout of the store as soon as they entered.

Located in a basement and only having one entrance at street level, it was vital for the business to get new customers down into the primary showcase floor. The store front at street level had to spark attention and ignite desire, using a minimalist glass showcase, texture-rich materials and voluminous lighting to engage passing pedestrians. A curved wide open staircase pulls customers down the stairs into the spacious and smooth lit basement which underlines its prime look by emphasis on texture-rich materials and smooth light contrasts. The dark wood floor blends seaminglessly into the walls and supports the gentle feel of the shop. At eye-level, a panoramic gallery of selected eyeglass is wrapping around the interior walls to put customers on a journey to explore and to spot their favorite eyeglasses.

The Bärtschi store opened in fall 2008 and is one of the few which offers a wide range of designer eye-glasses.

Designed by Architekten Schwaar & Partner AG, Contributing Designer
Photos by Marc Dominique Wehrli