Children's Illustration - Title: Betsy gets her wings
Author: Samirrah Iddris Illustrator: Remy Francis
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A very long time ago, deep in the forests of Green-leaf Valley  lived a little caterpillar  named Betsy. She was the kindest and most gentle of creatures
Betsy, like many other caterpillars of Green-leaf Valley loved to crawl on the branches of trees munching on the leaves, and to play hide-and-seek, sneaking between the leaves. It was the dream of every one of the young caterpillars to grow into beautiful and pretty looking butterflies with colorful wings, to be able to fly over the valley and to see their homes from above.
Time went by and all of Betsy's friends grew their wings and left home but unlike all the others, Betsy had still not grown her wings. She remained a caterpillar who still had to crawl from plant to plant to feed on leaves. She dreamed of traveling far and wide to collect pollen someday when she could fly, to someday fly over the woods on the strength of her own wings and view it's beauty from above. 

But until then, she stayed close to her home. All her friends had left home and none of them visited anymore to play with her. She was a wingless caterpillar who could not fly, they said. How were they to play with her when she crawled while they flew? This made Betsy very sad and each day she wished she too would get her wings.
Her best friend was a much older butterfly named Cindy.

Cindy was too weak to fly anymore, and lived in her home perched under leaves in the woods. And so both Cindy and Betsy spent a lot of time together during winter. Very often, Cindy told Betsy stories of her own travels across the woods in her younger days. Some stories were fun and Betsy loved to hear them again and again. 
But when she was on her own, she felt sad that she might never get her wings or fly . 
Cindy was old and wise, and whenever the younger butterflies made fun of Betsy for not having her wings, she would hold Betsy and whisper " don't worry Betsy-love, you'll grow your wings one day". And so, it was that Betsy wished for this every day.
One day, while collecting leaves for both she and Cindy out in the woods, Betsy saw a beautiful butterfly lying on the fallen leaves on the ground, and wondered why she wasn't flying. The poor butterfly had fallen and broken one of her wings.
Now Betsy knew that Old Cindy could help heal the broken wing so she took the injured butterfly to Cindy who helped fix the wing.
The young butterfly was so overjoyed to be able to fly again that she decided to repay both Betsy and Cindy for their kindness.
Of course neither Betsy nor Cindy knew that the young butterfly they had just helped was a butterfly-fairy from the beautiful fairyland that lay beyond her own valley.
Both had heard and read many wonderful tales of the magical land but of course no one knew if it actually existed, for no one had ever been there. And so when the young butterfly-fairy asked if she could return the favor,
Betsy and  Cindy were only too happy to help and asked for nothing in return. However, the young butterfly had noticed that Betsy had still not grown her wings and Cindy's wings were too old to fly anymore but said nothing. 
They said goodbyes and as she left, she cast a spell saying " you shall grow the prettiest of wings to mirror the beauty of thy hearts. Let these wings be magic, to carry ye to the greatest of heights, over the furthest of leagues and to the greatest of lands. All your days shall be happy ones"
The next day was the festival of wings and everyone was to attend. The butterfly with the prettiest wings was to be crowned. This was a day every young butterfly lived for, but Betsy had planned to stay home with Cindy.
All the butterflies from the woods had gathered at the patch just outside of Betsy's home and the young ones were showing off their brightly colored wings. The competition had already begun.
The sun was already up when  Betsy woke. She felt very light on her feet and realized that almost all her legs and long body was gone. Instead, she felt something soft and feathery covering her body.
She run to open her door and standing before her was Cindy, flapping her large and brightly colored. "your wings got stronger!" Betsy exclaimed in surprise.
And  Cindy was just as surprised to see Betsy with wings that she smiled and said loudly so everyone in the patch below could hear her " Betsy!!! you finally got your wings!"

Suddenly Betsy realized what the soft feathery cloth covering her body was!

"my wings!!!" Betsy said happily and she spread it out. The rays of the sun fell on them, casting out the brightest and most beautiful colors of the rainbow any butterfly had ever seen.
"wooooow"!!!!! All the butterflies in the patch echoed. Naturally, Betsy won the award for the most beautiful wings in Green-leaf Valley.
All the young butterflies who had laughed at her for not getting her wings sooner wanted to be friends with her. But Betsy knew her only real friend was Cindy who had been there for her when no one was.

" shall we try our wings?" Cindy asked cheerfully.
" let's go live our dreams" Betsy replied just as happily

And the two beautiful butterflies flew off in search of the  many adventures that would be written and heard of in many many years to come.
Copyright notification: This story and illustration is strictly protected by copyright laws and must not be seen copied anywhere else without explicit permission from the author
Children's Illustration - Title: Betsy gets her wings

Children's Illustration - Title: Betsy gets her wings

A caterpillar who finally grows her wings