Design the identity and promotional materials for final year photography student,
Oscar Henderson - Pennington. In addition to producing a set of personal stationary
taking into conisideration Oscars needs and interest within the profession.
Oscar’s photography focuses on objective exploration into obscure characteristics of
vernacular culture. He has a keen interest within traditional and conventional photography
that focuses on composition and lighting, but is always experimenting and pushing the
boundaries with new and alternative image based technologies. Most of his practice is
aimed at producing photographic sets and bodies of work, as opposed to stand alone images.



Oscars Identity and promotional pack aims to be simple, effective and above all suitable for
his professional needs. The geometric aspects of the logo-marks refer to the framing of a shot, 
something which is consistent even through different mediums for capturing images, this in 
combination with bold use of colour reflects Oscars diversity and practice within the profession.


The deliverables are designed to be easily reproduced and have all been printed on GF 
Smith Mohawk Options stock, some of which are triplexed with GF Smith Citrine Colorplan, 
which has also been used throughout the promotional booklet and note book.
Portfolio Booklet
Desiging a portfolio which could be easily editable was important as Oscar predominantly
works in photographic sets. The use of acco clips to bind the publication allows Oscar to
add new projects and photographs at any time, enabling him to tailor each portfolio specific 
to particular clients, studios or industry professionals.
The publication is B5 sized and is printed on GF Smith Mohawk Options stock used in
combination with Citrine Colorplan.
Invoice & Letterhead
A simple invoice and letterhead which would be sent out to potential and current clients,
utilising the same grid system which runs through all of the larger deliverables.
Business Cards & Mailshots
Mailshots which could be used to send out to clients, studios or industry professionals with
personalised messages, designed to fit into a DL envelope. Both the business cards and mailshots
are triplexed using tht GF Smith Citrine Colorplan stock to further push the branding colours.

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