A trip south.
Outside view.
Inside view.
On our way to Mapinga Village Hotel.
Ventilator in Deos apartment: Spreading warm humid air.
Resetting to local time.
The way to UMRA orphanage centre.
Swaibu and Husna in front of the orphanage.
Quote request at the Bajaji.
Well developed communication Technology in Dar es Salaam.
Offering products.
Our hostel in Dar es Salaam.
Basin in Dar es Salaam.
Mosquito protection.
The wild chapter begins.
Dad in front of the entrance.
Dad inside the car.
Stopping at Seronera.
Fake elephant on the wall of Endoro Lodge.
Real elephant cub in Serengeti National Park.
Upturned view.
Backward view. Leaving.
Stranger sleeping on deck.
Stranger approaching onshore.
Thanks for showing up.
A Trip South

A Trip South

In February 2015 my parents and me traveled far to visit my brother who is working as a volunteer in Tanzania. Thanks to him we were able to get Read More

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