Below are the entries for best visual design from the Seattle Creative Jam but there are many others happening across the US and beyond. Go to to learn more about attending these multi-part events and even participating. We hope to see you in a city near you!
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The Theme:
Opposites Attract

People's Choice: Best Visual Design
Team Tomcat
Judge's Pick: Best Visual Design
Modern Puppies
Team S & M
Team Emoti
The Kitchenettes
This entry is hard to describe because it was a performance piece where the video was projected onto a mask the team was wearing. It was very cool.
Team Prismatics
Team "Two Dope Blokes in a Cadillac"
Love the name and their whole presentation was like a pitch for a startup about a dating app "Pola".
Team Killer Kittens
Team Trampersands
Team Victor Belzer
Team Schlitzy Mitzy
Team ToddDean
The Narwahls
Seattle Creative Jam

Seattle Creative Jam

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