Solar bench
Bench + light + multimedia centre = Solar bench
Solar benchis a concept bench which offers combination of street lights with the benches.It would give possibility for zone lighting of sitting places, for example forevening reading or working at the laptop outdoors. The energy for lamps isgenerated by solar batteries, which are built into the bench case. Thereby theyare energy-saving and do not depend on city power stations which givespossibility of free location in the environment. The energy which is generatedby solar batteries can also be used in the daytime for charging a laptop orlistening to mp3/CD player when a lamp is not needed. The control panel and allthe necessary outlets for devices are recommended to place on the sides of thebench case, which will enable their convenient usage. The construction of thebench is made of plastic. The series consists of two variants of so-calledenvironmentally appropriate “smart” benches, which diversify the space ofmodern urban environment thanks to their organic, futuristic and plastic forms.