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    Promotional shot I created for a band called Seething Akira.
So...I shot this a little while ago and have had to wait intil this weekend for it to be released due to the bands PR company etc. This is a promotional shot for a band I work with frequently called Seething Akira.
We were pushing ideas around in a facebook group chat and all of a sudden I drew a quick sketch of 5 guys on a car and sent it. They thought it was the best idea they've ever heard haha so we set about bringing it all together and make it happen.
I knew a guy who had a lovely VW Golf 25th Anniversary model and he was more than happy for us to use it for the shoot! Awesome!
Each band member having their photograph taken.
Photoshop layer build-up so you can see how much work went into creating this amazing photo!
Hope you've enjoyed this project. You can check out a higher resolution version here. More of my work here www.derek-johnston.co.uk
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