Get Spooked: Terrifying Tales Untold
Terrifying Tales Untold.

Marshall Cavendish engaged the agency for an integrated campaign to promote 
the horror book "Get Spooked: Terrifying Tales Untold by Talisman Soulraider.

Bloody Cubicle

People who entered the toilets at the shopping mall were surprised by blood (fake of course) under toilet cubicles. Since the doors were ajar, the brave ones tried to pry them open to investigate - only to discover the message, "You are definitely brave enough to read 'Terrifying Tales Untold by Talisman Soulraider'. Now available at major bookstores and"
Spooky Elevators

People who entered one of these elevators met seemingly normal lady inside. Suddenly, there was a power outage. In that darkness, the seemingly normal lady glowed (due to glow-in-the-dark gel). Glow-in-the-dark words on the elevator wall appeared too. Of course, it was a relief to know the 'ghost' was actually a sales girl and sporting 'victims' were given vouchers to purchase the book.
Spooky Sounds (Bookstore)
Since it is a horror book, a motion-sensor sound chip was used - which emitted a spooky, ghostly sound whenever someone walked past the bookshelf. Many shoppers reacted to the spooky sounds which drew more attention from the other shoppers in the bookst
The Scanner - Facebook App

Created to promote the book 'Get Spooked: Terrifying Tales Untold' by Talisman Soulraider. With this unique Facebook Application, visitors can discover if they have experienced paranormal activity in seconds - via old photographs or their webcam.
1. Ghostly Photos

Visitors have 2 ways to see if they've had a ghostly encounter. The 1st is via photographs.
2. Scan photo

Visitors can see if their photo holds any paranormal activity, using our EMF Scanner.
3. View photo

If photograph contains paranormal activity, EMF Scanner will show the results. And once you've seen yours, you can also visit our spooky gallery!
4. Ghostly Location

The 2nd way to check if you've had a ghostly encounter is via our EMF Webcam, which detects paranormal activity in your surroundings.
Get it if you dare!

Available at all major bookstores and
Get Spooked: Terrifying Tales Untold