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    Gregory Blackburn, AIA, LEED BD+C - Architectural Design Experience
Science in the Age of the Invisible:
The Laboratory Exemplar

Stanford University School of Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine
This innovative, self-funded program ofresearch + development examines the way that research laboratory buildings arecurrently designed, and tries to anticipate how they will need to be designed, constructed and occupied in our near future. Working in collaboration with institutional partners at Stanford and Yale Universities, and with the support of a select team of engineering and design collaborators, realistic environments for discovery are re-formulated to provide innovative platforms for conducting new millennium science, while radically reducing energy and resource consumption. Ultimately, through the incorporation of renewable energy sources, this study seeks to reverse the traditional paradigm of research buildings as extreme energy consumers, while also compressing the time-to-occupancy of new interdisciplinary science facilities. The projects being developed through this on-going study would be candidates for LEED Platinum Certification.

ROLE: Principal Architect

: www.campusclimatecommitment.comContract,April 2010

PRESENTATIONS: Society for College and University Planning, PacificRegional Conference, Boulder, Colorado, 2009