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    "Sweetness is coming" artwork submission for the "Where the Wildlings At" exhibition at Glitch Singapore.
Where the Wildings At Exhibition
Organized and curated by Glitch Singapore

My piece submitted for the "Where the Wildlings At" Exhibition on 19th June at Glitch Singapore. 
Somewhere in another universe, Daenerys Targarean is seen here with her precious dragons on the candy throne.
Her dragons hatched from chocolate eggs and they come in different flavours : Marzipan, Mint and Bubblegum.
Her magnificent candy throne never runs out of sugary goodness.. for everypiece that is broken off for chewing/consumption/gnawing grows back on its own. Be it pocky sticks with rainbow sprinkles or pepperminty lollis, she has endless supply to this sugary heaven. 
Each artwork tells an individual story, maybe to inspire, maybe to deceive. You’ll never know what to expect, so watch your back, because Sweetness is Coming. So sweet that everyone dies. Eventually.

40+ artists from Indonesia and Singapore have come together to showcase their unique renditions of Game of Thrones. 
Original artworks and prints are available for sale and pre-orders.
For inquiries please contact: jon@glitch.sg

Scroll down for some work-in-progress images!
STEP #01 : 
I started off with a character design of Daenerys first. I needed a point to start before the entire composition could take shape. I wanted her to look doll like, almost like a Raggedy-Ann version of her. She should be cute and angry at the same time. Holding onto a lolli. I've also attained an image of the iron throne, so as to trace out the basic shape of the throne itself. But for me, spikes and swords made out of candy.

STEP #02 :
Continue with the candy throne structure. I've added strawberry blades. This process took awhile. Well, with this much sugary spikes and weaponry...I'm sure you know why it will take awhile. 
STEP #03 : 
Once the basic throne structure is done, I've removed the iron throne image. Its time to fill in the environment colour. This is where I decide how I want the background environment to be. This is where the fun part begins. Adding more stuff to the composition and my photoshop file is growing fat. 

STEP #04 :
The dragons were quite a challenge. I went online and did some research on them. Particularly on thier colour. One of red/black, one was green and the other was sort of mustard-like. Again I needed them to look cute and scaly, so I've decided to give them some rainbow sprinkles on their backs.
STEP #05 : 
At this stage, I was just wondering if I should keep all the dragons to the same colour. (Honestly, I couldn't find the right colour combi for all of them so I got a little lazy at some point.) The fore ground composition is more or less set. Now, onto the details.
STEP #06 :
In the end, I thought the dragons should have their own individual distinctive colours. So I left them as that. Ice cream mountains are added to the background, twinkles and stars were added all around for that extra special Caramelaw candy land touch. And finally a vignette to top it off.