People Sketches


Hello, here are series of portraits that I created in a free time between work
for recreation of my mind. I didn't have any goal when created them. I just drew them one by one.
I'm not sure that they fit like one project. You can treat them as separate images.

Anyway I hope that you will enjoy viewing. Thank you.

Surfer in Sri Lanka
this image was first in the series of portraits that I do in spring–summer 2015.
This is a fast portrait of a surfer that we met on Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka
Random Guy
one of first drawings in this style.
The goal was to research of puprle color effect on image shadows.
Julia Ash
meet my girlfriend Julia. She is a talented designer and artist
This fast sketch I have done when had a holiday in Sri Lanka
Oleg Shcherba
member of KADKA art group. He is a real king of style, also my friend  and just very positive guy.
This drawing was made as a birthday present for him
Andrey Rachinsky
as known as So Baka. One of my best friends, very talented photographer and creative person
Self Portrait
the goal of this drawing was to simplify face clothes and body to geometric shapes
meet my fried Igor Babariko, I have made this portrait for his birthday.
Here I conducted an experiment with a striped drop shadow
Andrey with Riggil
it is a second portrait of my friend Andrey.
Riggil is a name of his beautiful dog
Self Portrait vol2
here I picked colors from my real photo.
Drew this as avatar for different social media, but it doesn't fit everywhere as well as I imagine
Egor Fruit
meet next member of KADKA art group Egor.
it is one of few full body portraits, that I have created as a birthday present.
Iegor Antypov
my friend, unity developer, lomo photographer and really good guy.
This image I have created fully in vector and then I overlapped one of Iegor's photo over the drawing.
Random Girl
It was a first image of series of more chopped portraits.
I create it from very raw sketch. You can check this shech here: it is funny
Sante is owner of guest house where we lived in Sri Lanka
Sante's Daughter
little princess, very funny and cute girl, that we met in Sante's guest house
Julia vol2
the second portrait that I did at home from photo
one more good guy that we met on Sri Lanka. He is a surf instructor.
Here I come back to using raw brush
Shatiru Portrait
he is a very cool young boy.
We met him when we lived in Sunhopes Guesthouse in Mirissa

People Sketches

People Sketches

Hello, here are series of portraits that I created in a free time between work for recreation of my mind. I didn't have any goal when created the Read more
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