Vernakular Versatil
V e R N A k u L a R   v R s a T i L

The Story of Bandung's Vernacular Typography

Final Project
Visual Communication Design
Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2015
As the capital city of West Java, Indonesia, Bandung still retain their local culture of vernacular typography. There are stories behind vernacular typography of Bandung, which is related to its cultural context as supporting element in informal sector of urban society. Although it can be found in daily life, vernacular typography are still unfamiliar to most Indonesian scholars and practitioners in design scope. Also there are still lack of concern and research about vernacular typography in Indonesia. Whereas, it is important to understand vernacular typography as representation of the identity of urban society as it is threatened to vanish by the uniformity of urban design development in Bandung. This project aims to reveal another side of the diversity of vernacular typography in Bandung, that is its cultural context to Indonesian scholars and practitioners in design scope.

Vernakular Versatil is a book about vernacular typography of Bandung, Indonesia. This book contains five different stories and a specimen album of 110 vernacular letter specimens. Basically, vernacular typography contains both traditional and pop culture. To represent
the vernacular comprehension in contemporary look, the basic visual concept is vintage pop with fun, playful and classic touch. With colourful experimental layouts and visual elements, this book offers a new way to appreciate vernacular typography.

C o v e r

The cover concept is about diversity and versatility of vernacular typography. This book is bound with five different thread colors to represent five different stories inside.

s T o r e S

The stories were chosen to represent the characteristic of urban environment, culture, and history of Bandung's society. Visualisation of each story is designed based on message and nuance of the story. In the end of each story, there are one to five sets of typeface, with ten sets of typeface entirety. 

Table of Content
v E r N a k u L e K s y E n

In the end of the book, there is a specimen album contains 110 vernacular letter specimens. These specimens were collected for over a year, from February 2014 to February 2015. Each specimen was painted and cut manually using the original materials which usually are used by Bandung's vernacular typography artist.

Book specifications:
Hardcover 80 pages
Size 22.5 x 26.25 cm
Indonesian language edition


Text and design
by Ira Carella, 2015

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t H a N k  y O u
Vernakular Versatil

Vernakular Versatil

Final Project for Bachelor of Design, Graphic Design Major, Visual Communication Design Program, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2015