Allure is characterized by its polished profile and smooth lines. Its complex structure is hidden to create a seamless shell that adds to the piece’s elegant aesthetic. The seat and back rests are upholstered in the same exact hue as the shell itself creating a monochromatic effect in which the only contrasting elements are surface finishes. 
Though strikingly smooth, the entire body of Allure is composed of dozens of parts which were then put together, and smoothed out into a single form. The intent was to create the illusion that it was made from fiberglass.  

Allure was built and designed to last for generations. The solid shell is composed of a variety of materials and parts that were joined and smoothed out. 
The construction consists of two side profiles made from 0.5” steel which were waterjet-cut, and joined with 0.5” square bars on the back and seat of the chair- following the contour of the side profiles. Wood was then laser-cut in the form of the seat’s curve and stacked & glued, to create a single piece of wood was bent to match the profiles exactly. 
Bondo was then used to solidify and hide the construction armature. Once the surface and Bondo had been smoothed out, three layers of resin were used to cover the entire chair, creating a smooth and extremley resistant product. 

The juxtaposition of materials and textures was purposefully created to forge a visual distinction of Allure's parts, rather than presenting them as a whole. Imported Cowhide from Argentina, was selected to maintain for its inherent aesthetic appeal, as well as to maintain the same color scheme- while still playing with surface finishes and visual differentiation.
The form of Allure is distinguished by being produced through a network of organic curves intersecting one another at specific angles and points of conversion. Certain details like the tapering of the legs and the clean and smooth surface of the piece are better appreciated from behind.
The side contour of the chair was delicately sketched and designed to create a minimalistic discreet look with subtle curves that are flat yet create a stunning visual effect. Its slanted seat and back rest provide the user with a comfortable seating experience. 
From a straight on back view-point, ALLURE becomes visually softer by hiding its contrasting textures. Only a hint of the back-rest is seen as a suggestion to the user to explore through visual perception the suggestion of a different visual story told from other standing points.