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    A christmas card for PriorWeb.be
In the end of 2011, hosting provider PriorWeb announced their Christmas Card Contest. Challenge was to make the most creative christmas card, and you could win a iPhone 4S. Below you can see the proces of how I came to my final design.

01 Idea conception and sketches

When the first snow came in Belgium, I saw a small kid catching snow with his tongue. Great idea for a christmas card I thought, so I started sketching.
02 Drawing

Once I had a clear image of what I wanted to achieve, I started drawing. For real.
03 Outline

I then scanned in the drawing above and lined it out in Illustrator.
04 Coloring 

When I was satisfied with the line out, I started coloring our little fellow (also in Illustrator, using the mesh tool for the face).
05 Composition and post-processing

When the illustration was finished, I fired up Photoshop and started on the composition. You might notice the small globe I added on one of the snowflakes (referring to the hosting company). In the end, I added a vintage effect (cause I liked the colors of it).
06 Final image

This was the final design of the christmas card. There was also a back, but I didn't add that (the message on it was quite personal ;))