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    Sketchbook purge (2010-2011)-'12
Ye' Olde Sketchbook (2010-2011)
Comprised of some dated material through the end of this year (2011).
A journey of sorts that has no end, no completion; An exploration of memory, sight, and imagination. I am a fiend for general ideas and conceptual design... looking forward to the completion aspect of this journey in the months to come...
 Van Morrison: 1/1.
      Being bored one day, I figured out that I could still use graphite as a medium.
Pen has been such a staple over the past couple years that I've lost track of my
love and needed to get back to graphite. Definitely refreshing my thirst for
using the ol' Number 2.
 Broken Liberty Concept 1.
      Switching my medium to test my ability to adapt when making a
mistake(s). Also working on my abilities to make
said mistakes
join into the back/foreground without being
too large of an eyesore.

                                                                                                                                                      more to follow...
Cantona pencil drawing.
  Hyena = Bored with current sketchbook, looking to fill-in the rest and move on.
 Ink waves: Old sketchbook, found while looking for inspiration. Directly after, was inspired to
procrastinate more...