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    A fantasy take on the old Western Zodiac Signs.
Zodiac Series
Symbolic, Mythic, Anthropomorphic representation of the Western Zodiac
Aries as a Spartan. Ink on Cold Press Illustration Board.

Design Contemplation

So far the "solid" designs are Aries (done), Taurus, and Aquarius. Aries may be "refurbished" to correct some minor issues, including the chosen typography. I'm still not happy with it in general and am looking into other options. Gemini is close to completion as far as research and direction goes, although the composition, figure interaction, and background for Gemini still eludes me. Aquarius only needs to have the final background figured out in terms of composition and layout. Taurus is still in the development phase although the majority of the details are finally worked out.

Aries is completed and prints can be acquired through my account on Deviant Art. Although I am tossing around the idea of pulling it to add some minor corrections, I won't touch it until the others are completed. Until I attempt to create a colored version of it, it will wait.

Taurus will be a young bull with more human features (a bit Minotaur-like), like human-esque hands, arms, upper torso, upper legs/waist region. He will have a bull's head with more human eyes, a tail, and hoofed, unguligrade feet. Most of the body will be more human like and thus not as "furred" , likely with a Caucasian skin tone (to fit the medieval period, Robin Hood inspired design).
The background will consist of a forest glade with a worn cart path leading to and past an old Briton homestead of some kind. The whole scene idea is based loosely in the medieval period.
I'm tossing around the idea of having a young calf clinging to the main character's leg, looking out toward the audience as if hiding behind the young bull. The color pallet will be a lot of greens and browns, but I may make the bull a white bull with black/brown points in green/brown garb.


Aquarius will be depicted as a water bear (tardigrade) carrying a water pitcher or an amphora. The background will consist of a simple landscape with a stream and some trees.

The general composition for Gemini is giving me issues. There is also the issue of trying to get as many of the associated elements into it without over- complicating the illustration. The general idea is to use swans as the animal-hybrid. Make them messengers perhaps, riding on horse back in felt caps. One black, one white, one older, one younger.

It's not as solid an idea as I'd like it to be yet.
Gemini Inspiration
The idea of having swans still fits. Also having them as a-horseback is still a solid idea. A friend of mine suggested a mirror, and mirrors were "of the period" as far back as ancient Greese. So rather then two, have one swan look into the mirror at itself.
Scorpio Inspiration
As I was talking to a friend of mine about the work I am doing on this project, I was suddenly hit with inspiration in regards to Scorpio, as well as some thoughts on Gemini.

In Greek mythos, a scorpion was sent by Gaia in retribution of Orion threatening to kill every beats on earth. This spoke to me in a way that trigger the need to document this idea. A rare thing theese days....

The more I researched, the more I was sure of what I wanted to do.

Take Feudal Japan, the human aspect of the Anthropormorphic Zodiac sign I am creating will be a Ninja. I may even try my hand at the older style of art from that time period. We shall see. :)

A thought on weapon is a tail that is much like a Kusarigama. hrmmn.

I should have some thumbnails soon!