Design 360° Magazine No.57 - Designer for Food
Designer for Food 食物設計
book i  lab                               實驗場
book ii  food affection             食物戀
book iii  food for thought       食物哲學
Creative Director: Wang Shaoqiang
Graphic Design: Javin Mo / Joe Kwan (milkxhake)
平面設計:毛灼然 / 關祖堯 (milkxhake)
Design Assistant: Antiny Wu (Design 360°)
設計助理:吳燕婷 (Design 360°)
Coordinator: 張星
Executive Editor: Bingjie
Editors: Sherwin / Jasmine / Matt 
編輯:章瑞韻 / 黃晗 / 郭大澤
Ikko Tanaka once said, "When you open the fridge, nothing comes to your mind. Isn't it just like when a designer suffers from some restrained situation and limited resources?"  Food, serving as the core inspiration resources, enables designers to express their attitude towards life and thinking. Food itself is already the most delicate design by nature, and designers endeavor to explore the possibilities of different kinds of food, between food and human, or food and society. This issue is to present designers’innovatory beliefs on food design.
田中一光說,“打開冰箱以後腦海裏卻什麽都沒有浮現,這不正是與設計師在素材和條件限制面前束手無策一樣嗎?” 食物是設計師的核心創作來源,食物創作可以表達對生活的態度與思考。食物本身便是大自然最精心的設計, 設計師則探索著食物與食物、食物與人、食物與社會之間的各種互動。本期食物設計,探尋設計師各自對於食物設計的革命觀點。
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Sugar of the Day by Tien-Min Liao
Food Art Pairings by David Schwen
Chez Dodo by Eszter Laki
Sumo Chopsticks holder & FUJIYAMA by NOUSAKU
front cover
book i
book ii
Interviews with Kinfolk, Island Menu and Au Yeung Ying Chai.
book iii
Interviews with Sonia Verguet, Antonello Fusetti, Marije Vogelzang, Lisa Mishima.
Rock this summer with food:)) 
Design 360° Magazine No.57 - Designer for Food
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Design 360° Magazine No.57 - Designer for Food

Design 360-Concept and Design Magazine, Issue#57. Designer for Food.