Camille Henrot Electronics Casing Product Development
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    Misfit Flash Watch Holder Compatible with Standard Bands, 3D Model Rendered in Lagoa
Shapes were already concepted. Worked in a team environment to understand the needs of the installer, maintenance and hardware concerns in order to house internal electronic comonents.
Raspberry pi CPU device, HDMI connectors, speakers, and other sensors were inside each phone. Electronics, installation, fabrication and maintenance were thought-out for the piece. Rhino
There were back-and-forth decisions between the artist, design studio, electronics team. This image shows the decision to eliminate other buttons. 
The phones were on exhibit at the Metro Pictures Gallery as fully-functioning interactive devices. People were welcome to pick up the receiver and press the buttons to listen to the recordings and screen.
Finished 3D printed piece at the Chelsea exhibition. NY Times feature: