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    Polin Wines product activation
Polin wines approached us to create an activation event for their latest vintage in 2014. The project was presented to us with the kind of limitations one can expect from a boutique family-run vineyard, small budget, limited brand recognition in the market and a geographic isolation from the client, who was often stuck amongst the vines 3 hours away.
After exhausting many of the conventional methods of launching a new product such as basic print adverts, social media activation and promotion and more wine specific options such as food and wine event involvement we came up up with twigs... Yes, actual twigs. IT was simple, hand made and to the point, a lot like the spectacular wine the client has been making while quietly tucked away in the Hunter Valley. We examined the end-user of an ideal product launch scenario: 
who are they ?
how far were they willing to travel to try a new wine ? 
when do they feel like venturing out for a vino ?
During the time we were discussing the project with the client we visited the Hunter Valley and had a stroll through the Polin vines to discuss. At the time the thick base of the grape vines were being trimmed leaving piles of twigs, destined to become kindling in the next bonfire. So we grabbed some of the twigs and got to work creating an intentionally handmade look tagged twig direct-mail campaign targeting 1000 residential locations within 1km of the venue chosen for the launch event. The twigs and their accompanying hand made tags offered a true representation of the Polin winery and stood out greatly from the rest of the clutter in the mail box for the target.
The results spoke for themselves, 12% or 122 of the tags came back to the event held over a weekend and brand awareness was raised to nearly 250 attendees who either purchased cases of wine or got to know the winemaker and the product on a close and personal level.
The Dapper Brothers and Polin Wines have continued to work together on a number of brand awareness and activation events. Stay tuned for more exciting projects with this client.