Identity and Collateral Package Design
About the project:

Science Club is a identity package for a  Massachusetts-based educational group.

Included in the identity design are a stationery package, web banner ads, and a print advert and marketing materials such as a tee-shirt, stickers, and badges. I also sculpted a comp for a thumb-drive featuring the Science Club mascot.

Logo Concept:

The robot is a playful, inviting character who not only serves as the logo but who plays a role throughout the marketing materials used to promote the Science Club’s various programs.

The robot is a gender-neutral character, useful in allowing children of both sexes to relate to and feel included by the organization. The robot serves as a representative of the driving force behind the organization as well as a peer of the children who the organization serves. Its body is full of movement, its arms evocative of electricity, subtly implying that the Science Club name, hovering above its head, is being charged and literally upheld by the robot. The cheerful, high contrast palette is eye-catching and energetic.