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    Interactive Christmas card that has four sliding positions as well as a fifth design underneath. Custom made with hand die-cuts.
Christmas comes but once a year, so I wanted to make a more interactive card for my friends and family to enjoy. This is what they found in their mail boxs - a handcut die card with ribbon in a matching envelope.  
To create the many faces of Christmas a card was created with faces to replace that of Santa, the reindeer, and the teddy bear in Santa's sack. For this purpose my husband, myself, and some stuffed animal (Manufactured Americans) were used. You can see how they were used in the images to follow. The pull arrows on the side are represented by the mini Christmas trees. The final joke comes when the card is slid all the way over showing a monkey is now Santa and the preset message declares,"When pigs fly" which in this scenario is true. The gold message box is blank so notes can be added in for each version.
The front of the card with Santa and the rightfully headed animals included.
Santa Tyler and manufactured american beaver with an eagle and rabbit as odd looking reindeers.
I replace Tyler as the driver and now the rabbit moves from the front reindeer to the back one.
The final message of ....Until Pigs and Monkeys Fly is now accurate.
After the card is pulled out the card shows the completed image that was cut from the original top section.
I wanted to make sure the envelop matched and also made the recipient wonder what was inside.
Certainly took a lot of time, but was a great experiment in design!