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    A project exploring the overlaying & interlinking of image, object, memory & time.
"Transference" meets "Schematics: A Love Story"
Life as appearance
Life as a diagram
Life as a dream
In searching for a way to express the fragility of a memory and re-examing past work, I began overlaying diagrams published in "Schematics: A Love Story"  with images from the original "Transference" series • As is often the case when you begin something, simplicity generates complexity and I discovered the pairing of two projects allows a subtle and deep beauty to come forth • Much of my recent work has been about memory. Memory is an imaginative act. Memories don't just happen, they are built. What makes memories precious is the fear of forgetting them. Just like the way these images are made - a process similar to layering together two photographic negatives - memory consists of constructing, and later reconstructing, narratives, not just simply storing and retrieving data* • In disappearance over time and in the remembrance of the forgotten, lies the fullness of feeling, and this ongoing work attempts to expose that paradox.
A translational friction block diagram overlaid with a European Tram
A diagram tracing the lifetime tracks of four generations overlaid with a German WWII Kanone 18 artillery canon
The trajectory and plot of a bird flying then gliding overlaid with a British WWII Churchill Mk.VII tank
A diagram of Fermat's Principle of Reflection overlaid with a Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb
A plot of entry & exit points used to denote a key reversal bar in bullish or bearish trading retracement overlaid with a scale model of the USS Olympia
A dot-dash-plot diagram overlaid with a British WWII Universal Carrier Mk. II
A star plot of stellar populations first published in 1913 overlaid with a Mantua #99 Ho Scale Locomotive & tender
There's more to see at: www.instagram/julianhibbard
* Certain text paraphrased & adapted from the article "Remembrance of Things Lost" by Walter Kirn, New York Times Style Magazine, April 12, 2015