Character Design: Magic Mayhem
Magic Mayhem is a roller derby team comprised of five girls who kick ass on the rink, putting their rocket speed and quick-witted brains to full potential (with a dash of magic, of course). Together they roam the supernatural urban jungle of Rushing Town and embark on a journy to win the renowned Derby Cup, fighting arch-enemies and making friends along the way. 
Buttercup Punch (blocker) gets her incredible strength from munching 30 giant peanut butter cups a day. She will punch any opponent that gets in her way - and trust me, it hurts - so watch out!
With her feathered arms and winged skates, Blades (jammer) can skate at, well, almost the speed of light. Her small frame and impeccable agility also allows her to navigate past opponents like a fox. In fact, her signature move is the "under-crotch pass".
Chili Pepper (pivot) is the captain of the team. With her fire-throwing ambushes and brilliant tactics, she can outsmart anyone on the tracks. To her fans, she is the charming heartthrob, wooing the hearts of many; to her team, as Gingersnap says, she is the "Silly Willy Chili". 
As a single mother, Thundermom (blocker) has to bring Gingersnap along to every practice and game, which is a win-win situation because Gingersnap is the biggest fan and unofficial team mascot of Magic Mayhem anyway. With Gingersnap cheering on the benches, Thundermom never disappoints - she whips and trips her opponents with the magical retractable venomous vines, a mighty weapon indeed. 
You'd never see Honey Gummy (blocker) without a piece of bubble gum in her mouth! Although shy and quiet off the field, Honey Gummy is brutal in the game. With her amazing aim and skillful maneuver, she attacks opponents with her magical bubbles and glues them to the ground.  
Character Design: Magic Mayhem