Corporate Stationery
Your brand identity or logo is often the first thing people see of your business. It can be on your website, a letterhead, business card or van livery but no matter where, it needs to leave an impression.

Since its conception back in 1992 CIC has had many guises. Starting out as ‘Creative Images for Commerce” CIC has now evolved into more than just a name, but a concept. CIC can mean anything and more often than not anything can fit into CIC. We are creatives in charge, the clever idea corporation, we create interesting concepts and have recently had a corporate image change. This concept in itself is our identity, it is creative.
Your brand should say who you are and as your business evolves, so must your ID.

A simple two colour solution, new ‘box’ business cards represent a new 3D element to the business. These are presented flat and ‘pop’ into 3 dimensions ‘from concept to reality.’ The inside of the card features a selection phrases, the DNA of the CIC acronym and concept. This is also applied as a sign off to both letterheads and compliment slips.
CIC Stationery