Trollvegg 100% London
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Photos: Kamilla Lang Hermansen
Trollvegg was designed to surround the meeting areas at a Norwegian design exhibition, Beyond Risør, when I was a trainee at mmw Architects of Norway in 2008.

Here Trollvegg makes up the entry and outside area at Designers Block, Covent Garden, during 100% Design in London 2008. Below are some pictures from Covent Garden and a film showing how the inflatable wall is inflated.

My role in the making was to design the pattern, to learn about welding in fabric, to meet with and talk to Helly Hansen and Frost Produkt, which we collaborated with in this project.
Photos in the film: Vendel Brandal
Shown below the small folder I designed to promote Trollvegg at 100% Design.
Project featured on Industrial Design Served