On The Grind
Branding / Packaging / Art Direction
This is a project from my senior year at Iowa State University. It is called "On The Grind."
It started as just a branding and packaging project which later turned into a full-blown branding, packaging, and brand extension project. I have multiple packages. I decided to push typography as much as possible. This is by far a staple in my portfolio and a project I will be submitting for competitions.

Featured below: bottle, bag, jar, coffee cups, coasters, sugar + spice container, box container(s) and a stamp.
The containers are actually made from objects I found at an antique store. The outside container is an old crate that I sanded down and restained, and the box inside is actually an old cigar box that I stripped of it's paper and turned into a container for coffee treasures.

I also have a menu, etc that I will be adding in soon. Stay tuned!