Logo design process for "The Draft House" gastropub in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland. 
The initial stage involved brainstorming for name ideas for the pub and we provided the client with a list of around 30 names that we developed from our research and interviews with the local community. The client decided to go with the Crafty Hog. 
Over a period of 3 weeks the logo was developed from sketches to the final design.
7 weeks into the project (3-4 weeks before the opening of the pub) we were informed that the client wanted to change the name altogether so going back to square one we provided more ideas and The Draft House was decided on. With a lot of the branding already designed and in place we were able to re-use some of the logo features and shapes in the new logo design.
The final logo was used on print material, stamps, web and 2 rusted steel signs were laser cut for the external branding of the pub.
Initial logo response sketches
Initial logo response sketches
General logo design progress (top to bottom). The initial stage was on the left and the logo on the bottom with the pig on a surfboard was finalized. 7 weeks into the project the client decided to change the name of the pub completely so the new design was developed. 
Social media logo adoptation
Logo cut out of rusted steel